Finishing or remodeling the basement is not the same as building or remodeling the rest of your home. Traditional wall construction methods are not made for the basement environment because of the moisture.

With these wall panels installed by Superior Basement Finishing you get walls that are specifically designed to handle the moisture conditions in your basement.

There are no wood studs, fiberglass insulation, or harmful organic products used in our wall system. These unique basement panels are made from non-organic, non-toxic, green materials. Not only will this material last forever, it comes with an exclusive lifetime warranty!

This construction gives you superior insulation, almost doubling the insulating properties of drywall and fiberglass insulation.

What truly makes these wall panels remarkable is that they look like any other wall in the rest of your home. You will have fully paintable walls so you can paint your new finished basement any color you desire.

It’s time to love your basement and use it. Call now or fill out an online evaluation and consultation request.

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